The reason why I have studied Plastic Surgery is so I can help people like you. Help them by improving the quality of their lives and help them to make their dreams come true.

I have always been interested of beauty, aesthetics and art. I have painted all my life and I have a unique perspective to bring out and enhance the beauty in my patients.

My specialties lie in aesthetic and cosmetic surgery, as well as in reconstructive surgery. I never sacrifice the security and wellbeing of my patients, nor take risks at their expense. Contact me and we can talk more.

I like to answer questions and queries, provide interesting information and advices about beauty, exercises, nutrition and plastic surgery. Be sure to follow me in Instagram (@dra.ekaterina.troncoso) as well as in Facebook, and don’t forget to read my blog.

Remember also:

#notepongasenpeligro (don’t put yourself in danger) #quetucirujanoseaplastico (make sure your plastic surgeon is certified)


Personal and professional values

Safety and wellbeing

of the patients

Professionalism and

excellent results

Empathy and care for

the patients

Honesty in communication

Studies and work

  • ​Certified Plastic Surgeon (Graduated with highest G.P.A.) - University of Chile (2018).

  • Research Fellow of the Plastic Surgery team in the

    Clinic of the University of Chile (2015).

  • General Surgeon (Graduated with highest G.P.A.) - University of  Los Andes (2011 - 2014).

  • Master of Epidemiology - University of Los Andes (2014 - 2015).

  • Certificate (Evidence based Medicine) - University of Los Andes (2013).

  • General Doctor (Graduated with highest G.P.A.) - University of Chile (2004 - 2010).


Personal Consultation

Before considering a plastic surgery, it is important to remember:

  • You can find all the certified plastic surgeons in Chile in the web page of Superintendencia de Salud. Look for “Ekaterina Troncoso” for example.

  • Be conscious and careful with the doctor who operates you. Sometimes cheaper option becomes really expensive. Take care of yourself and send me a message, if you have any doubts or concerns regarding this matter. You can find also more information in the web page of the Chilean Society of Plastic Surgeons (in Spanish).

  • Go to the doctor’s evaluation personally and advance to surgery stage only if you feel completely comfortable with him/her.

  • Tell your complete medical history and health situation to your doctor. Trust and comprehension between a patient and a doctor are extremely important.

  • Open and honest communication is paramount. It is crucial that the doctor understands fully your expectations and that they are realistic and can be performed in professional and safe manner.   

Come to see me and we shall find the best solution for your situation. I treat all my patients with confidenciality and care.