Certified Plastic Surgeon From University of Chile

"Your safety and wellbeign are my priorities"


Highest G. P. A.

University of Chile

Award winning

Best student of her class

17 years of experience

in Medicine

Female Plastic Surgeon

who understands women

Dra. Ekaterina Troncoso Olchevskaia

Nothing makes me happier than being able to help my patients and see them happy. It's a wonderful feeling everytime when the surgery goes well and I can see them satisfied, so they can go to their homes and enjoy their new lives with their families.

Undergoing a surgery is a major desicion, but together we can find the best solution for you and minimize the risks. As a Certified Plastic Surgeon I treat all my patients with professionalism, emptathy and respect. You can count on me

Doctora Ekaterina Troncoso Olchevskaia

Professional Plastic Surgery

Unique perspective for beauty and a surgeon with hands of an artist

Retrato de Charlize Theron por Ekaterina Troncoso
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Best advices about beauty, nutrition, training and surgical procedures. Be the best version of you! (In Spanish)

Doctor Ekatrina Tronoso Business Casual